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New Moon in Taurus + End of Mercury Retrograde-- what does this mean for your business?

New Moon in Taurus: 

It’s time to get grounded in the steadfast energy of the New Moon in Taurus happening on May 7th! 🐂 🌚 It's time to focus on stability and abundance in your soul-aligned business.

In mythology, Taurus is often associated with the story of the Cretan Bull, a powerful creature captured by the hero Hercules as one of his twelve labors. This bull symbolizes strength, determination, and the ability to overcome formidable challenges. Taurus' steadfast nature mirrors the bull's resilience and unwavering determination, inspiring us to persevere through adversity and achieve our goals.

Here's how you can align with the practical and nurturing energies of Taurus:

🌟 Set aside dedicated time to reflect on your business goals and aspirations. Create a vision board or journal to visualize your path to sustainable growth and stability. Identify specific actions you can take to move closer to your objectives.

🔄 Review of your business practices, products, and services. Identify areas that are no longer serving your growth or aligning with your vision. Make a list of what needs to be released or changed, and replant with clear intentions and purposeful strategies.

🌿 Develop a detailed plan for nurturing your business's growth. This could include implementing new marketing tactics, refining your product offerings, or strengthening your customer service processes. Focus on practical strategies that build solid foundations for long-term success, and commit to executing them with patience and perseverance.

Now, let's delve into the essence of Taurus vibes. Picture the dependable friend who's always there to lend a helping hand, offering stability and reliability, and who loves the finer things in life. That's the Taurus energy we're tapping into here, providing us with a sense of security and groundedness.

Here's how you can infuse your business with Taurus' grounded magic:

📈 Steady Growth: Embrace slow and steady progress, focusing on building solid foundations and lasting success in your business endeavors. Implement a quarterly goal-setting process to establish measurable objectives for your business. Break down these goals into smaller, actionable tasks, and track your progress regularly.

💰Financial Stability: Take practical steps to ensure financial security and stability in your business. Set budgets, track expenses, and invest wisely for long-term growth.

🌱 Nurture Your Resources: Take some time to look over everything you've got—your stuff, your team, your brilliant ideas. See what needs a little extra TLC and attention. Just like a gardener checking on their plants, make sure everything's thriving and getting what it needs to grow strong and healthy.

I'm excited to hear about your experiences harnessing the nurturing energy of the New Moon in Taurus. Feel free to hit reply and share your insights as we cultivate abundance together!

End of Mercury Retrograde/Shadow: 

Ah, Mercury retrograde – that cosmic mischief-maker that loves to mess with our plans! From April 1st to the 25th, Mercury was in its backward dance, causing communication mix-ups, travel snags, and tech glitches galore. 

But now that Mercury retrograde and its shadow period are ending on May 13th, it's time to shake off the cobwebs and get back to business! 🎉

So, what's next for entrepreneurs post-retrograde? Instead of feeling like you're stuck in a traffic jam, it's time to shift gears and embrace the forward momentum. Now is the perfect opportunity to put those reflections from retrograde into action. Review your revised business plans, revisit those old projects you've been itching to tackle, and fine-tune your communication strategies. 🔄

Focus on launching new ventures, signing contracts, and making important decisions with confidence. Use the insights gained during retrograde to inform your next steps and propel your business forward. And don't forget to tie up any remaining loose ends, clean up that digital clutter, and ensure your tech tools are running like a well-oiled machine. 💼

So, take a deep breath, embrace the energy of progress, and trust that smoother skies are ahead now that Mercury is out of retrograde and its shadow. It's time to seize the moment and make your jump back into action! 🚀

Rabbit Hole Resources:

Currently Reading/Listening To: How to Be Everything By Emilie Wapnick (

If you consider yourself a generalist, multi-passionate, scanner, multi-potentialite, renaissance person, etc… this Career and Life coach has really been speaking to me lately!

In the midst of or recovering from burnout? As a high achiever, are you more focused on what you haven’t done that what you’ve accomplished? Welcome Negativity Bias! A hard-wired evolutionary trait that helps us survive, and in this modern world can lead to a focus on the negative which isn’t productive. Positive psychology is a phenomenal science that helped me a lot while I healed (and continue to do so) from burnout.

Recovering overachiever who has a mile long list of want to dos? Yet also craving freedom and flexibility in your schedule to allow for spontaneity and fun? I highly recommend an old-fashioned, analog habit tracker. I can’t tell you the sheer amount of joy I experience filling this out with different colored pens!

There are lots of variations and I like this one as it has daily, weekly and monthly habits. Since I’m part time nomadic (and a Gemini with multiple personas), I’m going to have 3 lists. One for when I’m home and life is “normal”. The other for when I’m traveling (i.e. nomading). And one for when I’m vacationing (i.e. completely off from work and unplugged).

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