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Podcast: Power Talk Friday: Hunter Lowder: Is it Time for a Fractional COO?

Updated: May 23

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on A Well-Designed Business, an Interior Design Business Podcast with LuAnn Nigara.

Check out the description below and find the links to listen.

"Welcome to A Well-Designed Business. We’ve all heard that we should free ourselves up for CEO-level tasks. But knowing we should and actually following through with it are very different things. It can be hard for entrepreneurs who feel like they have to carry everything in their business. Sometimes, the operations get jumbled along the way. My guest today, Hunter Lowder, runs a business that steps in and serves as fractional COO to get designers back on track. She’s sharing how we can let go, how to find the right person for the job, and how the process of bringing someone in actually works."

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