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Full Moon in Libra + Aries Season! What does this mean for your biz?

Updated: May 7

Get ready to tune into the vibes of the Full Moon in Libra on March 25th (aka Worm Moon 🐛🌝) because it's all about finding that sweet spot of balance and harmony in your soul-aligned business. 

Here's the cosmic lowdown on how you can sync up with these celestial energies: 

Reflect and Harmonize: Take a breather and vibe with the cosmic symphony. Reflect on your recent wins and challenges, finding your groove in the dance of entrepreneurship.

Release and Rebalance: Just like spring cleaning for your soul, it's time to let go of what's weighing you down. Say goodbye to doubts, clear out those dusty old projects, and realign with your true calling.

Gratitude Abundance: Sprinkle some gratitude glitter all over your business, clients, and team. Like the blossoming of spring flowers, gratitude feeds the soul and brings abundance to your hustle.

Set Intentions in Harmony: Tune in to your inner cosmic radio and set intentions that sing to your soul's melody. Let your dreams soar on the cosmic winds of the Libra Full Moon.

Now, let's talk about the Libra vibes. Picture that friend who's always the peacekeeper, the one who's got the harmony game on lock. That's the Libra energy we're tapping into here, offering us the gift of balance and diplomacy.

Why the Worm Moon? The Earth is starting to thaw out after the chilly winter months, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. And guess who's waking up from their winter nap? Earthworms! As the soil softens up and gets all cozy, these little guys start poking their heads out, ready to wiggle around and do their thing.

Here's how you can sprinkle some Libra magic into your biz:

Balance in Action: Smooth out the bumps in your biz road and bring some zen to your workflows. It's all about that harmonious flow, baby!

Refine and Realign: Take a magnifying glass to your projects and goals. Are they still in tune with your soul's jam? Like a sculptor chiseling away, refine your creations with purpose and finesse.

Sacred Self-Care: In the midst of the hustle, don't forget to give yourself some love. Self-care isn't just a buzzword; it's the secret sauce to keeping your entrepreneurial fire burning bright.

I can't wait to hear all about your cosmic adventures under the Libra moon. Feel free to hit reply and share your insights!

Welcome to Aries Season:

Get ready to ignite your inner fire as we gear up for the fiery blaze of Aries season, kicking off on March 21st! 🔥✨

Now, let's talk about Aries – the cosmic pioneer, the fearless leader, the bold adventurer who charges headfirst into the unknown. Ruled by Mars and blazing a trail through the 1st house of self, Aries embodies courage, initiative, and unbridled passion. With fire as its element, Aries ignites our spirits and propels us forward with unstoppable momentum.

Aries is often associated with the ram, a symbol of courage, strength, and leadership. According to legend, the Golden Fleece sought by Jason and the Argonauts was guarded by a fierce ram with golden wool, representing the quest for achievement and the conquest of challenges. This mythology reflects the Aries archetype of the fearless warrior, unafraid to charge into the unknown and conquer obstacles with determination and vigor.

In business, Aries season calls us to embrace our inner warrior and trailblazer. It's a time to seize opportunities with gusto, take bold risks, and assertively pursue our goals. Aries reminds us to trust in our abilities, to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and to fearlessly carve our own path in the world.

But beware the shadows of Aries – impulsiveness, impatience, and a tendency to rush into things without careful consideration. It's essential to channel Aries' energy with focus and determination, balancing ambition with strategic planning and thoughtful action. Aries teaches us to cultivate resilience, embrace our individuality, and fearlessly pursue our passions.

So, how can you align your business tasks with the fiery spirit of Aries season? Let's dive in:

🔥 Seize the Day: Harness Aries' bold energy to take decisive action in your business. Don't be afraid to pursue new opportunities or assert yourself in negotiations. Trust in your instincts and go after what you want with unwavering confidence.

🚀 Set Bold Goals: Channel Aries' pioneering spirit to set ambitious goals for your business. Dream big, aim high, and don't let anything hold you back. Use the fiery energy of Aries to fuel your determination and propel you toward success.

During Aries season, let your passion burn bright, but temper it with focus and strategic planning. Embrace the thrill of the journey, embrace your inner warrior, and fearlessly blaze a trail toward your dreams. 🔥💫

Rabbit Hole Resources:

  • Barbara Sher's "Refuse to Choose": It's like a love letter to all us multi-passionates (aka scanners). She flips the script on the whole "find your one thing and stick to it" narrative. Instead, she's all about finding a "good enough" job that pays the bills without sucking your soul dry, leaving you plenty of time for all your cool hobbies. Trust me, it's a game-changer for anyone juggling a bunch of interests. I felt seen and the guilt of being a multi-passionate (hello Gemini sun) began to melt away!

  • "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron: This book cracked open my idea of creativity. I used to think you had to be a pro or make money from your art to be considered creative. But Cameron's like, "Nah, creativity is for everyone!" After going through her exercises, I did something wild – I started taking singing lessons at 43 after being told I shouldn’t sing my entire life! And guess what? I sang my first karaoke song a few weeks ago. Total game-changer!

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